City of Newburyport Plans and Reports

High Street Master Plan, 2004
High Street Safe Routes to School Project, 2018-2020
Active Crosswalks List, 2015
Sidewalk & Curb Ramp GIS-Based Inventory/Assessment, 2017

State and Regional Plans

Merrimack Valley Active Transportation Plan, 2015
Massachusetts Bicycle Transportation Plan, 2019
Massachusetts Pedestrian Transportation Plan, 2019

Complete Streets

National Complete Streets Coalition
City of Newburyport Complete Streets Policy, January 2018
NLS Letter to Mayor and City Council, September 2019

Street Design Guides

National Association of City Transportation Officials
Urban Street Design Guide
Urban Bikeway Design Guide

Federal Highway Administration
Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks (publication)
Small Town and Rural Design Guide (online design resource and idea site)
Bikeway Selection Guide

Traffic Calming

Federal Highway Administration, Traffic Calming ePrimer
Institute of Transportation Engineers, Traffic Calming Measures
MassDOT, 2006 Project Development & Design Guide, Traffic Calming & Traffic Management
Project for Public Spaces, Traffic Calming 101

Traffic Speeds

National Association of City Transportation Officials, City Limits: Setting Safe Speed Limits on Urban Streets
Massachusetts law on designating 20 mph safety zones: G.L. Chapter 90, Section 18B
Speed limits in Cambridge (including safety zones): Speed Limits in Cambridge

Local Proposals

Newburyport Greenway (“The Middle Way”)
Newburyport Greenway Facebook page

Local Trails

Clipper City Rail Trail
Coastal Trails Coalition

Local Transit

MVRTA Route 54: Amesbury-Newburyport-Salisbury
MVRTA Route 57: Newburyport Shuttle