Crosswalks are an essential element of the City’s pedestrian network.

Recent paving projects on High and Merrimac Streets have highlighted the need for safe crosswalks on those major through routes. 

In 2015 the City Council adopted an order establishing an official list of crosswalks, which is published on the website of the Department of Public Services. This crosswalk inventory is due for updating because some crosswalks have been added over the years and a few have disappeared. Moreover, there are some locations where additional crosswalks should be considered, either because the distance between existing crosswalks is too long or because high traffic speeds or volumes make it challenging to cross the street safely.

Newburyport Livable Streets has taken the initiative to begin looking at the crosswalk situation across the City. We are updating the 2015 inventory and breaking it down ward by ward so that those who know an area of the City best can more easily evaluate conditions and provide input.

As part of this effort, we will be looking not only at crosswalk locations but also at their conditions, lighting and accessibility for those with mobility challenges. Crosswalk design is important for visibility.


City of Newburyport Active Crosswalks List
Approved by City Council, 2015 (PDF)
NLS Update (in progress) (MS Excel)


National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO):
– Urban Street Design Guide: Crosswalks and Crossings
– Global Street Design Guide: Pedestrian Crossing Types

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